2017 Crop Peanut Latest News

The 8th China International Peanut Conference in Henan. Below is a detail introduction for this conferenceļ¼š

China’s plantation, processing and trade of peanuts are undergoing significant changes due to the rapid increase of imports over the years and the Structural reform carried out by the government. In order to help enterprises to obtain a better view of the on-going changes and the development trend of global peanut market, to strengthen international communication and cooperation, CFNA is pleased to announce that its 8thChina International Peanut Conference will take place on 7th-9thSeptember 2017 in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan Province.

Henan is a major producing area for peanuts in China. It is located in the Central Plains on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and had been the political, economic and cultural center of China for some 3,000 years, deemed as the "cradle of Chinese civilization." More than 200 emperors spanning 20 dynasties reigned over the province; where four of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China can be found in this region, Luoyang, Anyang, Kaifeng and Zhengzhou.

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA), an organization affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, was established in September 1988. Taking Coordination, Guidance, Promotion, Consultation and Service as its objectives, CFNA promotes industry development, and assists its members to explore the world market. It communicates suggestions and opinions of members and the industry to the government, and contributes its suggestions and comments to policy-making in China. CFNA has more than 6000 companies. Its membership, covering all parts of China, is composed of the largest and most representative companies and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises.

The following topics will be addressed and discussed during the Conference: Policy Interpretation; Trend of Large-scale Farming; China Market Outlook for 2017/2018; Peanut Consumption Promotion; Global Production and Market Analysis, etc. The Conference will be accompanied by a table-top show. If you are interested, please find more details in the sponsorship program.

Topic Discussion

Agricultural Structure Reform and the Impacts on China Agri-trade

Peanut Nutrition Update

Analysis on the Production, Demand and Supply of Chinese Peanut and Prospects on Chinese Peanut Trade

Analysis and Prospects on Chinese Peanut Oil Market

Market Analysis and Prospects on Peanuts for Food Consumption in China

Trend of Large-scale Peanut Farming VS Household Farming

Global Production & Demand

Analysis and Prospects on European Peanut Market

U.S. Peanut Production and Trade

Indian Peanut Production and Trade

South Africa Peanut Production and Trade

Senegal and African Peanut Production and Trade

China Peanut Production Analysis 2017/18